GOXUS talent concept

PS-CC core value:Kongxin , Qinnian,Zhuxing,Chengzheng,Xiuqi,Zhiping

PS-CC talent philosophy:Self actualization


PS-CC aims to create a platform for every employee to play and grow to their heart's content. In PS-CC, you are not a fixed part of the enterprise machine, but a real owner.Any part of the company's development will require your participation and dedication, eliminating laziness and prevarication, and allowing real people to be respected and rewarded.PS-CC is not suitable for those who pursue ease and love to complain. Only those who think about the overall development of the company are considered as excellent employees by PS-CC.

PS-CC is willing to provide you with as many learning opportunities as possible, to maximize your potential, to make you a better version of yourself, and to constantly transcend.PS-CC also has its own university, through various high-end teachers for you to transmit advanced ideas, aesthetic knowledge and classic Chinese studies,whether it is the design concept, working ability, traditional Chinese knowledge and aesthetic accomplishment, we have continuously transmitted to every employee through PS-CC university, providing them with all-round knowledge nourishing.

Of course, we also have a partnership mechanism that allows you to work for more than just work. As long as you are willing to break through and contribute, you and the PS-CC will keep going.Because we are a group of like-minded people in the realization of dreams, through hard struggle, ups and downs.But goals allow us to ignore setbacks and get excited. This is our business, and it comes from the constant pursuit of 'Partner, You and Me'.It's always good to have ambitions and dreams, and maybe someday that will happen.

Wish you working happy, we are grateful peers, on the road to continue to surpass!

PS-CC principles of staffing:Virtue comes first,relatives evasion,team cooperation,pay attention to professional,scientific evaluation

Fresh graduates training

Position responsibility

Fresh graduates training plan, waiting for you!

The PS-CC fresh graduates training plan is to select fresh graduates with training potential through the strict selection system, and turn them into professional talents or management talents in key positions of the company.The company for fresh graduates can settle in Beijing registered permanent residence!

Recruitment of professional:Art design category(Visual communication design, environmental art design, landscape design, planning design, landscape design,etc.),construction engineering category,news, Chinese language and literature category.

Recruitment information:

Recruitment orientation:Planning designer, interior designer, graphic designer, landscape architect, project manager, new media operation manager.

Education requirements: The first degree is a national recruitment of a university, domestic and foreign bachelor's degree or above, especially excellent undergraduate students can be enrolled in comprehensive quality.

Main desk designer

Position responsibility

1.Responsible for the preliminary planning, program creation and program design optimization of the project, and capable of designing the whole process from the program to the construction drawing stage;

2.To supervise and guide the design work, organize and coordinate the progress and mutual relations of each design stage;

3.Work out the project design plan, be responsible for the overall effect of the project design, supervise the project design, and ensure the perfect realization of the project design effect;

4.Responsible for the coordination and cooperation of the project site at the later stage of the program.

Job requirements

1.Major in architecture, environmental art, etc., solid art foundation and artistic accomplishment, more than 5 years of working experience in design company or related position;

2.Good at innovation, active thinking, strong communication skills, profound strategy, creativity and guidance skills;

3.Proficient in 3DMAX, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup and other auxiliary design software, with solid art foundation;

4.Excellent presentation, communication and process control skills.

The project manager

Position responsibility

1.Take charge of the daily management of the project department, organize the implementation of the project construction as planned, and ensure the completion of the project construction tasks according to the schedule, quality and cost;

2.Manage the quality, cost, schedule and objectives of the engineering technology and construction, and be responsible for the construction period and coordination of all parties;

3.Familiar with construction site technology;

4.Strictly implement the national laws, regulations and company regulations, take charge of the revision of the project department's responsibilities, management system, etc.

Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above in architecture or related majors, intermediate or above professional title, with registered supervision certificate is preferred;

2.Familiar with the whole process of project development, design, contract cost and construction;

3.At least 3-5 years working experience in construction industry;

4.Have a deep understanding of project management and can complete the project management of the whole process of the project of the owner independently;

5.Have strong communication, organization and coordination ability;

6.Certified constructor qualification (civil engineering, municipal);

7.Can accept the assignment, the business trip.

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