GOXUS ecosystem

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Wise partner

High-end think tatrategic consultants, cultural and creative industry experts, famous economists, professors of famous universities, senior lecturers, art masters, political celebrities, etc., as consultants, participating in projects can get considerable project dividends, participate in the decision-making of major enterprises, and have the opportunity to become a business partner.


University tutor

Cultural and creative industry veteran, professional segmentation has unique insight,or well-known enterprise core members,the tutor has the right to share the resources of GOXUS platform, get the tutoring subsidy, and become a well-known training tutor through GOXUS.



Creative product researchers, senior designers, creative staff, etc,cooperate with GOXUS to develop creative products, bring them to market, obtain product copyright and sales bonus.


Creative partner

National excellent cultural and creative enterprises, the national cultural and creative industry,including GOXUS settlement enterprises,cultural and creative design (intellectual property),have independent research and development technology (Internet products, technology research and development), have experience in large project implementation.



GOXUS enterprises - upstream and downstream enterprises providing services for the creative ecology of GOXUS.

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