GOXUS ecosystem

Ecological partnership model

The ecological partnership mode of GOXUS contains two levels. One is the project execution plate applied in the interior of GOXUS, which refers to the project operation mode of GOXUS partnership. A project undertaking segment applied to the outside of GOXUS refers to the operation mode of the GOXUS market business.

1. Operation mode of GOXUS partnership

GOXUS is an output platform of the grand design service and resource integration platform.Currently, the ecological resources of GOXUS cover six categories including think tank, design service, engineering implementation, financial capital, industrial operation and brand promotion.Ecological resources are also an indispensable part of the ecological cycle industry chain of the GOXUS.These resource-based organizations (teams or companies) will be deeply involved in the projects undertaken by GOXUS and provide specific services within their capacity for the implementation of the projects.On the one hand, this model guarantees the efficiency and systematicness of project implementation; on the other hand, GOXUS provides projects for ecological partnership resources through its strong project undertaking capacity, guaranteeing its smooth and stable development, and to some extent, realizes the two-way win-win situation between GOXUS and ecological resources.

2. Project undertaking mode of GOXUS partnership

GOXUS is an open platform for large-scale design cooperation. After years of development, it has continuously absorbed like-minded and insightful people who share the value concept of GOXUS to become city (regional) partners. The two sides complement each other's advantages and play a closed-loop role in project acceptance and implementation to a large extent.

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