​GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)


GOXUS Trends

On October 28, 2019, Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of GOXUS Planet, was invited to visit Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province and attend the Hancheng Cultural Industry Symposium. Ji Huikang, director of the Standing Committee of the Hancheng Municipal People's Congress, Shali Na, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, and Liu Ge, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, executive deputy mayor, and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee attended the forum and delivered a speech.

GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)

GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)

At the symposium, the two sides jointly watched the cultural industry propaganda film of Hancheng City, and learned about the red cultural creation, cultural industry and non-legacy of Hancheng. At the same time, the entire city planning, humanities, industry, natural environment and policies of the Hancheng city have been investigated. The key areas and other aspects were introduced, and the two sides discussed and exchanged relevant cooperation intentions.

GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)

GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)

Hancheng Red Culture Industry

In accordance with the spirit of 'use the red resources well, carry forward the red tradition, pass on the red gene, and pass on the red genes from generation to generation', the Hancheng City will focus on the eight-way army to cross the Yellow River for several years. Activities; excavation history, extensive collection of historical materials of cultural relics; research history, multi-party collaboration to carry out basic research; publicity of history, acceptance of revolutionary education to inherit red genes; display of history, preliminary initiation of exhibition hall planning and construction; active creation of red film and television works and research and development of cultural and creative products

Hancheng Intangible Cultural Heritage

The number of non-legacy projects of key texts and electronic archives that have been established in Hancheng has reached 908, and 15 categories of folk music and folk art have been designed.

Among them, the excellent intangible cultural heritage projects such as Hancheng drums, Yangge, Taishenlou, threshold inscriptions, cores, and face flowers are like a distinctive regional symbol engraved in the land of Hanwon. It has successfully applied for 3 national-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects, 12 provincial-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects, 22 municipal-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects, and 67 Hancheng-level intangible cultural heritage projects; There are 9 representative inheritors of provincial intangible cultural heritage in Shaanxi, and 55 representative inheritors of Weinan municipal intangible cultural heritage. The total number of successful declarations is ranked in the top position in Shaanxi Province.

Hancheng Cultural Enterprise has developed more than 200 kinds of Wenchuang products relying on profound historical and cultural resources, which is very popular among tourists.

Hancheng drums

GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)

The schools of gongs and drums in Hancheng are bounded by the north and South highlands. The North highland is Hancheng Xing drum, the South highland is Hancheng Array drum, and the central part is Hancheng Wei drum. The most local style of the Yellow River is Hancheng Xing drum, known as 'the first drum in China'. Hancheng Xing drum, commonly known as 'sidedrum'. It is widely spread in Hancheng with a long history and unique charm.

Hancheng Yangge

Hancheng Yangge is the oldest, richest and most unique form of rap in the 'Guanzhong Yangge' in Shaanxi. It is a form of rap that integrates folk songs, rap, and dance into one, and has evolved into a drama. It is commonly known as 'right to the drama.' It has a unique form of performance, a tune of tunes, a rich variety of songs, and an all-encompassing content. It is an 'encyclopedia' that reflects people's lives in the past. It is an artistic treasure accumulated in the production and life of the Hancheng people for thousands of years.

'Jian gong' drumming

Hancheng “Jian gong”drum is one of the folk music types of Han nationality in Shaanxi Province. It is circulated in Yangcun Village, Xizhuang Town, Hancheng City. It is a unique form of performance of the descendants of the king of the village. It has an ancient flavor, elegant and beautiful sound, and has a unique style.


In the area of xizhuang town in the north of han city, there is a long time folk worship, pray for rain blessing activities - Taishenlou, also known as Lieyejia, Shuashenlou or Chuangshenlou, is a unique local han city temple worship and pray for rain god art expression form. As one of the most special projects of hancheng shehuo, hancheng shenshenlou has become the unique shehuo flower in China with its power and grandeur, and is known as the 'king of shehuo'.

Sima qian offered sacrifices

GOXUS Trends | Investigation of Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province (Continued)

In the 'Sima Hometown' of Hancheng City, the descendants of Sima who lived in Xu villages have left Feng and Tong the two surnames to enter a ancestral hall and share the tradition of an ancestor. They are called Sima Qian as Sima Ye; the two surnames have always had ' Feng Tong is same family, 'Feng Tong does not divide', 'Feng Tong is not married' rules; the festival activities keep a unique folk culture such as singing and running, and the atmosphere of the ancestor is as festive as the New Year.

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