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On December 19, 2018, Huadu district tourism investment promotion conference was held in Huadu district, Guangzhou. Chairman of GOXUS Zhao Xingpeng attended the conference.As the main guest, he witnessed the successful contract signed by GOXUS and the government of Timian town on the project of Timian international creative town, which will be officially settled in Huadu district, Guangzhou.

PS-CC Information | International town,Creative flower city

Huadu district

PS-CC Information | International town,Creative flower city

Guangzhou Huadu district will focus on Timian town, Chini town and Furong resort, highlight the cultural connotation of Lingnan and the local characteristics of Huadu, reflect the humanistic feelings of 'See mountains, see water, remember homesickness', and create a batch of key tourism areas integrating ecological leisure, sports, health and health, and rural customs.

PS-CC Information | International town,Creative flower city

Centering on the national policy of 'Rural revitalization strategy', Huadu district vigorously promotes the integration of rural tourism with high-quality agriculture and featured agriculture, develops new rural business forms such as rural homestay, sports and leisure, agricultural festivals, cultural and creative base experience, and creates a rural tourism brand with homesickness, nostalgia and rich Huadu characteristics.


Tourism development BBS

PS-CC Information | International town,Creative flower city

The tourism investment promotion conference of Huadu district was held at the same time. The theme of BBS for tourism development was 'Cultural tourism new landmark, bay area to see Huadu'.Many guests were invited to make suggestions and suggestions on how to accelerate the development of Huadu tourism, improve the level of tourism services, the overall quality of tourism and the comprehensive benefits of tourism industry.

GOXUS chairman Zhao Xingpeng made a speech on BBS with the theme of 'Urban brand design under the international tide'.

PS-CC Information | International town,Creative flower city

Zhao Xingpeng took Bali island's relatively successful Green school project as an example to express his views. Zhao Xingpeng believes that tourism projects need to be designed from an international perspective. The vitality of any project is determined by the height of top-level resources.If the project is designed from an international perspective, the vitality of the project will naturally be strong, but it will not last long if it only stays at the level of technology, Internet or finance.At the same time, Zhao Xingpeng pointed out that the current economic situation has changed from the factor economy and complex economy to the brand economy driven by brand, and the ecological economy in which the whole people become participants and consumers, and tourism has become the external presentation under the comprehensive state.Now China has the opportunity to express its local culture to the world, but at the same time it must dig deep into its own reality. The top level of brand awareness as a guide, not by the elements.


The development of economy of any area, it is pattern of heaven and earth laid.Heaven is the top local resource, and earth is the local cultural context.Under the great economic tide, the pattern of heaven is not only to meet the social needs of ordinary people at the grass-roots level,Instead, we should take China as the information center, lead global resources, and form a new round of civilization to lead the third wave of internationalization.Under the great tide, the opportunities and challenges faced by various cities have also been greatly different from those before.How to make good use of international resources, how to position local top-level resources and form local brands with the development goals of new cities under the international wave has become the primary problem of urban development.

——Zhao Xingpeng

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