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On November 19, 2018, GOXUS chairman Zhao Xingpeng attended the 'Yi Hua Yi Si Jie' project press conference. Since then, the 'Yi Hua Yi Si Jie' project has been officially launched in the garden.

PS-CC Project | Yi Hua Yi Si Jie

The enterprises participating in the conference jointly launched the new culture, innovation and entrepreneurship alliance.It provides experience for high-quality cultural,creative and entrepreneurial projects in the initial stage and growth stage, helps enterprises complement each other's advantages, builds the whole industrial chain resource chain, highlights the aggregation effect of new cultural and creative industries, and promotes mutual empowerment of cultural and industrial values.

PS-CC Project | Yi Hua Yi Si Jie


About 'Yi Hua Yi Si Jie'

'Yi Hua Yi Si Jie' project is a new cultural and creative industry ecological integration body jointly built by Yihua Garden and sci-tech temple. It strives to comprehensively integrate the different needs of industry, business and humanities, and create a new generation of innovative industrial ecological base to help new cultural and creative industry.

'Yi Hua Yi Si Jie' is a new cultural and creative integration integrating creative incubation, content creation, cultural and creative experience, themed activities, copyright protection and trade.Relying on Yihuayuan's geographical advantages, resource advantages and brand advantages, we are committed to providing assistance services for new cultural and creative industries and related industries, creating links and creating the most creative and dynamic new cultural and creative landmarks in Yizhuang.

About 'Yihuayuan”

PS-CC Project | Yi Hua Yi Si Jie

Yihuayuan is an emerging ecological park of creative industry in south Beijing. It is located at the intersection of Daxing, Chaoyang and Tongzhou gold in Beijing. It integrates cultural creativity, technological experience, novel species, brand incubation and other elements.Through the big ecological service mode of creative industry branding, intelligence and globalization, we serve the industrial upgrading and new area development of Beijing, create the '4+1' ecological complex of creative industry, and construct the high-end creative ecosystem of Beijing.

PS-CC Project | Yi Hua Yi Si Jie

PS-CC Project | Yi Hua Yi Si Jie


As one of the leading enterprises in the ecological space of mass innovation in China, the technology temple, a brand owned by tech Zhongchuang, has entered star projects such as Farfetch, Musical. Ly, Uber China, graphite document, spend some time, activity line, iresearch, new list, Uplive, sparkle thinking, baohutong, etc.

Kejisi is the global business community by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs to put yourself in the enterprise capital docking services, consulting services, such as joint entrepreneurs demand of service, with the most temperature operating scenarios of the community and entrepreneurs to form a strong link, strong viscosity, and through new product IBHe innovation industry ecological fusion body can assign property.

GOXUS Group with global urban ecological brand operation experience for many years, committed to the integration of the world's resources, help customers to emerging macro trends associated with the local problem, with a systematic design methodology, design brand of the future development road map, and deeply involved in the brand operation, brand competitiveness and added value.

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