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The introduction

China is entering a deep aging society, and the aging process of the population is ahead of the economic development process, so the issue of old-age care has followed, becoming a topic of concern for many families.The report to the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) pointed out that we should actively respond to the aging of the population, establish a policy system and social environment for providing for the elderly, respecting the elderly, and respecting the elderly, promote the integration of medical care and nursing, and accelerate the development of undertakings and industries for the aged.In this year's government work report, the word 'Elderly care' was mentioned more than a dozen times, stressing the need to 'actively respond to the aging population, develop home-based, community-based and mutual-assistance care, promote the combination of medical care and nursing care, and improve the quality of nursing home services.'


Disadvantages of existing pension institutions (communities)

(1)Lack of effective supply and demand adjustment mechanism

①Lack of unified and effective management system

②The policy system to promote the coordinated development of pension industry and undertakings has not been formed

③The policy system that adjusts supply and demand structure effectively has not been formed


(2)The construction of service standard supervision system is lagging behind

①The unified basic standard system at the national level needs to be improved

②The standard system with service as the core, the multi-level service standard system and the old-age service quality evaluation and certification system need to be improved

The lack of multi-level unified service standards, evaluation and certification, and supervision system makes the development of social capital pension services arbitrary, blind and short-term profit, which damages the legitimate rights and interests of elderly consumers and is not conducive to the sustainable development of the pension service system.

(3)There is a shortage of elderly service personnel

The foundation of the healthy and sustainable development of the pension service system is the talent of the pension service. At present, China is facing such problems as the shortage of the talent of the pension service and the massive loss of employees, which are caused by the following reasons

①The whole society has a lack of awareness of pension services in all aspects, and pension services are regarded as low-end services by many people;

②Lack of awareness of the main measures for elderly care;

③Lack of cognition, respect and love for the elderly service personnel in personality. The long-term shortage of talents for the elderly service in China also restricts the sustainable development of the elderly service system in China.

(4)The combination of medical care and nursing is too heavy and neglect the integration of resources and mechanism

①The center of gravity of the combination of medical care and nursing is biased, which emphasizes medical care and neglects comprehensive function

②Too much emphasis on the construction of medical and nursing institutions, neglect the integration of medical and nursing resources and mechanisms, there are risks of resource waste and abuse

③The combination of medical care and care is not enough to extend the community and family


Pension innovation model——YIYANG Center

PS-CC Project | YIYANG Center

YIYANG Center·Model features

GOXUS community nursing home YIYANG Center in 'Healthy, enjoy the old' + 'That occupy the home, community' characteristic mode operation, comprehensive platform, set up pension for the elderly health resources, intelligent facilities, the elderly pension, employment for disabled persons should be resolved, such as community women stay endowment chain, the problems to be settled urgently build endowment inside the virtuous cycle of ecological community.

PS-CC Project | YIYANG Center

YIYANG Center·Concept of pension

The concept of caring for the aged formed by modern people is closely related to the elderly people's self-care ability, family conditions, children's working conditions, disabled people's conditions and other factors in the family. Do children need to quit their jobs and stay at home to care for the elderly? There are disabled people in the home, the elderly unattended how to solve?' And so on, are the main problems troubling the elderly families.

Center of community nursing home care for changing the concept of natural endowment, put forward 'Elder to nurture disability, mutual elder to disability' each new train of thought, make endowment than endowment itself, but will become a social endowment build platform, linkage within the community, at the same time solve the elderly health, unattended, women stay and other thorny issues, let everybody can fully involved in the pension service.


(1)Part-time provide for the aged

In order to solve the problem of difficult nursing and treatment for the elderly, community nursing homes in nursing centers establish the function of community hospitals, establish a sound admission mechanism, and establish health records for the elderly to follow up their physical health status at any time.

(2)Mutual care provide for the aged

In order to solve the problem of left-behind women and employment of disabled people, nursing homes in retirement centers employ women and disabled people in the community as nursing home staff. Community women can take care of all the elderly in the community after training, while disabled people can complete basic cleaning work in nursing homes. This kind of mutual support not only enables women and the disabled to earn remuneration, but also takes into account the elderly care of their own, truly realizing the 'Elder to nurture disability, mutual elder to disability', so that everyone can participate in the community pension.

YIYANG Center·Detailed design

Starting from the 'Put people first' perspective, the nursing home for the elderly, the community, for all people to consider the needs and thoughts, targeted set up the process functional framework in the nursing center, so that the old people who live in the nursing center can have care, have support, have fun, have something to do.

(1)Providing for the elderly

The nursing center community nursing home is equipped with the refined functional framework of elderly care, life care, meal service, health management, psychological comfort and rehabilitation services, so that the elderly who live in the nursing center can be cared for.Elderly care including full care, day care, temporary care and other types of care, convenient for different elderly families to choose different ways to stay;Daily care includes bathrooms, cleaning rooms and supermarkets for the elderly to facilitate their daily life such as bathing, cleaning and purchasing;The assisted meal service provides dining hall and catering center services for the elderly who live in the nursing center and choose to take care of the elderly at home respectively, fully solving the dining problems of the elderly;Health management provides the elderly with health examination, disease management and community hospital medical and nursing services, and pays close attention to the physical health of the elderly at any time;Psychological comfort includes psychological counseling, psychological rehabilitation and psychological counseling services to help the elderly psychological counseling, and daily communication with the elderly;Rehabilitation services include rehabilitation training and rehabilitation sports services to ensure good physical health of the elderly.

PS-CC Project | YIYANG Center

PS-CC Project | YIYANG Center

(2)Old people can count on

Nursing home community nursing home provides legal assistance services for the elderly, so that the elderly who live in the nursing center can rely on their old age.Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of the population base of the elderly in China, problems related to the elderly also emerge one after another. However, due to the limitations of many factors such as the physical condition and educational level of the elderly, it is more and more difficult for the elderly to protect their rights and interests.Health care centers provide legal advice and legal aid services for the elderly, so that the elderly can fully understand the conditions and scope of legal aid services, and clearly seek the content of legal aid services suitable for their own situation, so as to ensure that the elderly's own rights and interests are not harmed.

PS-CC Project | YIYANG Center

(3)Old people have fun

Community nursing homes for the elderly include universities for the elderly, chess and card rooms, rehearsal halls, reading rooms and other cultural and entertainment facilities, so that the elderly living in the nursing center can enjoy their old age.The old people in numerous open space can communicate with others, learning, entertainment, reading, enrich old People's Daily life, let the old man every day spent in joy and laughter, at the same time cater to the advent of the era of 5G, remaining in the center set up intelligence and barrier-free facilities, maximum convenient old man's daily life.

PS-CC Project | YIYANG Center

(4)Do something in the old age

Nursing center community nursing home we hope that every old person who lives in a nursing home can actively provide for the aged and do something for the aged.In the small ecology of community nursing home, healthy and energetic old people can use their rich experience and sufficient knowledge to provide various consulting services for others. Meanwhile, they can also be responsible for community health maintenance, place order maintenance and serving as community propagandists.Elderly people who are eager to continue their study can participate in the education courses for the aged in the nursing home to update their knowledge, enrich their life and solve social problems.Old people can devote themselves to their own life hobbies, such as poetry and painting, practicing calligraphy, planting flowers and raising birds, etc., to enrich the life content and their own spiritual world, to obtain a sense of self-worth.

In order to make the existence of nursing home more social significance, GOXUS pays attention to the design of form, function and aesthetics in the process of establishing nursing center, and pays more attention to building the social platform for the aged, constructing the new ecology of the industry and truly solving social problems.

In the future, the health care center will define the development direction of the service system, actively promote the socialization of old-age service, improve the service quality of old-age care institutions, effectively solve the problems of elderly care, employment of disabled people and left-behind women, and enable the community to fully participate in the elderly service.The existence of nursing center community nursing home will also lead the development direction of community nursing industry, become a landmark nursing home brand, serve more old people, realize the 'old with the old and the old with the old and the old with the old', truly rebuild the ecological chain of the elderly, establish a new ecology for the elderly.

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