The new species forest of the photosynthetic planet aims to create a new species ecosystem of the photosynthetic planet and an all-element incubation center for new species. It creates interesting souls with a big design concept, nurtures novel species ecosystems, and allows businesses to go from unbranded to branded. Entrepreneurship for college students provides one-stop shop operation, IP creation and brand incubation services for people who are creative, ideological, daring and willing to work hard, so that every type of business product has vigorous vitality, so that everyone who settles in the store becomes The star seeds full of vitality and creativity allow each product in it to grow prosperously in the process of careful incubation, until it bursts into a shining star of new species, and takes root as a towering forest of new species on the photosynthetic planet. Big tree.


Event Name: New Species Forest of Photosynthetic Planet-Creation Leader Incubation Competition

Competition spirit: Do you have the urge to start a business? You have only one interesting idea? Has your business encountered barriers? Want to expand, no channels, no ideas, no venues? I just want you who are new, strange and special! We will help you realize the rest.

Project background: The opening of the new species forest project is approaching. The early stage selection of merchants in this project is mainly for college students with entrepreneurial needs. Secondly, small and medium-sized enterprises that have encountered bottlenecks at the initial stage of entrepreneurship will be expanded and selected for merchants.

Event process: process announcement-offline dissemination-collection of registration information-preliminary screening-evaluation by judges-shortlisted merchant training-issuance of certificates-settled in the new forest

Registration time: October 1, 2021-October 20, 2021

Recruitment number: recruit 200 merchants (individuals) for each group

Group: National Chain Group; Regional Net Red Group; Creation Leader Group

Event rewards: cash rewards; resource rewards; venue rewards

Tournament consultation: 400-102-5665


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