Yi Garden


Yi Garden is a newly emerging creative industrial ecological park in southern Beijing. It is located at the intersection of Daxing, Chaoyang and Tongzhou Gold. It integrates cultural creativity, scientific and technological experience, novel species and brand incubation. The overall brand system design of Yiyuan Garden includes three parts: Creative Eco-Park, Online Platform and Operating System. The design concept of GOUXS has been fully explained in this project. At present, the occupancy rate of Yiyuan Garden Enterprises has reached 98%. Various kinds of business supporting facilities are nearly perfect, providing exquisite work and life services for workers and neighboring residents.

The GOXUS design of Yiyuan project includes brand positioning, function design, aesthetic design, operation suggestion, etc.

Yi Garden

Brand position

Brand positioning

Yi Garden is not only a simple industrial park, but also an aesthetic reflection of urban creative space. After four commercial development periods, such as individual commercial street stage, famous store commercial center stage, large storage supermarket stage and SHOPPING MALL stage, a more vigorous world ultimate commercial form, Lifestyle SHOPPING Park, emerged in response to the trend. The Yi Garden project, located by GOXUS is a regulator of Beijing's life rhythm. It integrates new ideas, entrepreneurship, service ecology and delicate life experience. Through careful consideration and lean design of new species ecosphere scenes, functions and operation, it utilizes the ecology of branding, intellectualization and globalization of creative industries. The service mode serves the upgrading of Beijing's industries and the development of new districts, creates a '4 + 1' ecological complex of creative industries, and constructs a high-end creative ecosphere in Beijing.

Functional design

According to the format and brand combination, Yi Garden embodies a unified theme through architectural design, interior decoration, shopping mall service and other details, so that consumers can form a distinct visual and sensory impact. The new species ecosphere of Yi Garden includes life art gallery, creative block, new species laboratory, parent-child garden, vitality center, photosynthesis art gallery, photosynthesis line platform and other functions.

Life Art Museum is an experience of lifestyle. It includes many well-chosen brand stores of daily necessities, such as Baodao Clock and Watch, Imprinted Goods, Zhou Dafu, and so on. It also includes home life hall and cloth art life hall. Consumers can decide whether to buy it or not by their experience.

Creative block is the integration of cultural and creative industries and commerce. It is the gathering place of all kinds of cultural institutions and art studios. With the theme of monopoly of creative goods and leisure and entertainment, it attracts a large number of tourists to experience historical customs and fashion. There are not only art galleries, classical music communication centers and other cultural places in the block, but also leisure spaces such as bar and tea garden with Chinese and foreign characteristics. While consumers are traveling in the block, they are like completing an artistic journey.

New Species Laboratory has introduced Zhongshuge, Liuli Workshop, Leather Creation Workshop and other formats. It is committed to injecting fashion and creative elements into traditional brands, bringing new development ideas and marketing thinking to enterprises, promoting transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and promoting the promotion and development of Chinese self-service brands.

Parent-child garden is a place for communication and activities between parent-child groups. It is designed according to children's characteristics and forms a new generation of children's activity center integrating recreation, sports, intelligence and fitness through scientific three-dimensional combination. It is not only a paradise for children to grow up and learn, but also a classroom for parents. On the one hand, it enhances the emotions of parents and children. On the other hand, it enables parents to better understand the age characteristics of their children, so as to carry out targeted education.

GOXUS Vitality Center includes a variety of services, such as policy interpretation, consultancy, counseling and training, talent output, issuance and docking, financial management, publicity and promotion, financial consultation, legal consultation, membership services, etc., to answer questions and puzzles encountered in the operation of enterprises.

GOXUS Museum of Art aims to disseminate world civilization, promote cultural exchanges, popularize art education and serve the needs of the public. It is committed to building a platform for civilized exchange and a window for art exhibition with the partners of world-renowned museums, art galleries, schools and other cultural and educational institutions.

GOXUS Platform is the more competitive business situation, shopping malls to understand consumers become more important. In order to better serve members, photosynthetic planet based on Internet technology means, for the garden to build a photosynthetic online platform. From the multi-in-one online mall platform, to the establishment of member database, to relying on Wechat and other online platforms to build a member service platform, online publishing activity information, collecting and analyzing big data of members, intelligent services and other aspects continue to add code.

Aesthetic Design

GOXUS provides a wide range of system-wide aesthetic design, including planning, identification system, guidance system, brand stores, online platforms, etc.

Operational Suggestions

In order to operate the garden better,GOXUS not only helped the garden build a bosses'nurturing plan, but also a membership system, as well as an industrial service system. At the same time, it grafted domestic and international high-end brand resources, and was also responsible for the procurement of some project materials, which provided support for the effective operation of Yi Garden. A procurement contract is attached.

Yi Garden

Yi Garden

Yi Garden

Yi Garden

Yi Garden

Yi Garden

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