The Shengshuiyu complex


The Shengshuiyu complex has a total planned area of about 207 hectares, of which 24 hectares are used for village construction. Spring water is the most important place to breed the Sihe culture and influence the development of Sishui County. The project will establish a brand of goods experience in Sishui, introduce high-end international resources, promote the integration of urban and rural development, and create a global leisure agriculture ecosystem.

Brand Positioning


The brand eco-construction of the Shengshuiyu Complex is guided by the user's comprehensive experience and market demand. The brand is the core of all economic factors to integrate the local industry, and is committed to making Sishui County a dialogue window between the world's agriculture and China's agriculture. It has become the birthplace of China's agricultural standards.


Sishui brand ecosystem map

Constructing the experience brand of Sishui goods, gathering international high-end resources, integrating the urban and rural industrial chain, and implementing the equity operation model of participation by the whole people, making Sishui County become an international brand agriculture of innovation, fashion, vitality and ecology, realizing the real first industry and the second The integration of industry and tertiary industry. The construction content includes the farm leisure and recreation ecological zone, the agricultural industrial ecological zone, the education science ecological zone, and the aboriginal centralized resettlement zone.


Brand ecological concept

The brand ecosystem of the Shengshuiyu Complex uses the brand of Sishui as a brand carrier, co-ordinates various economic factors and cultural elements as brand output, organically exports local culture, products and lifestyles to form traditional culture, Confucian culture and Sishui. The combination of the veins and the original habitat of the water. Let agriculture and multi-industry integrate organically, let the countryside become a yearning, let the farmers find their confidence and open a new era of food safety.




GOXUS Design

The GOXUS design of tthe Shengshuiyu Complex includes planning design, architectural design, planting design, environmental design, brand design, art design.




Brand design


Feature design

The farm leisure and recreation ecological zone has designed four functional systems: farm system, health care system, living system and entertainment system. The leisure farm system includes Mokumoku Farm, Flower Farm, Bamboo Farm, Rice Noodle Grain Farm, Vegetable and Fruit Farm. It is an industrial farm integrating sightseeing agriculture, R&D, production, processing and product sales. The health care system has built a health-care holiday format, and introduced a Chinese-speaking academy like the Yizhong Academy, from self-cultivation to cultivation and cultivation. The living system takes the traditional culture as the core and takes the hotel as the physical experience to export the lifestyle of the Lishui brand. The entertainment system is mainly based on the rural theme children's paradise, attracting family and friends, enhancing the interactive experience of tourists, creating a diversified play system and increasing the popularity of the park.

The agricultural industry eco-region brings together international well-known enterprises such as Israel Hydroponics Greenhouse Factory, Achille Dennis Midland Company, Monsanto Company, American Tyson Food Company, Danish Crown Group, etc., to improve agricultural comprehensive productivity, develop modern agriculture, and improve agricultural integration. The level of efficiency and modernization will promote the structural adjustment of the agricultural industry in Sishui, drive the agricultural production of the local people, and create an industrial chain ecology.

The Education Science and Ecology Zone has created Green School, Art School and Farmers' School, which has become a valley of ecological art, inheriting traditional Chinese art, guiding aesthetic fashion, cultivating employment skills, leading morality, and formulating village rules and regulations. The International Nature School is centered on education science and integrates environmental science education, revitalizing regional industries, and cultivating talents. It is a green and environmentally friendly school that has rooted in local communities and achieved local social regeneration.

The Indigenous Peoples Centralized Settlement Area has set up infrastructure such as residential areas, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, village love halls, party groups, and health centers to improve community services and convenient service facilities for community residents to have a sense of belonging and a sense of belonging.


MokuMoku Farm


Green School



Peasant school



Indigenous settlement area





Primary and secondary schools



Village hall



Health center



Community reading room

Brand Operation

The brand operation of the Shengshuiyu Complex includes creative design, commercial operation and enrichment system.

Creative design includes top-level design, functional design, aesthetic design, brand design, and promotional design.

Commercial operation (Business Operation Company of Sishui Economic Development Zone) includes property management, hotel management, agricultural management, design management, platform management, tourism management, business management, and cultural management company.

The enrichment system includes eight sectors: entrepreneurship, employment, land rent, policy guarantee, social security, training, welfare, and dividends.

Brand circulation

The Shengshuiyu Complex brand external circulation includes three major sectors: product system, brand output and online platform. The product system of the ladder town includes six aspects of food and lodging travel and entertainment; brand output to experience catering, agricultural and sideline products, life experience store Create a brand store, let visitors experience the most original Sishui County, inherit the most drowning life, choose a safe meal, international farm, and create a Surabaya life experience store. The Shengshuiyu integrated online operation system consists of seven sections: online booking, private ordering, product sales, adoption of farmland, adoption of fruit trees, adoption of livestock, and orientation of the garden.

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