Yujiang Carving Town


YuJiang Carving Town Project, which is Shared by YuJiang county and GOXUS, to form the features of international influence ecological cultural industry projects, the craftsmen and YuJiang county PS-CC Group will hand in hand carved YuJiang industrialization promoted to city branding important manifestation, is the government to release the urbanization, the regional economic transformation, upgrade of business model evolution, forms a powerful attempt.


YuJiang carving brand system has six components, respectively, YuJiang cultural experience store, carving master builder App, YuJiang Carving Town, YuJiang sculpture institute, YuJiang brand incubator and YuJiang international art festival of carving, carving for future YuJiang carving town into a small, fine, deep a single brand combination of urban ecological system, coordinates through leadership and local technicians, rapid productivity, promote local industry continued development, creating, temper and make kinds of special products, further develop the national and international market.

YuJiang Carving Town Project, covers an area of 1770 mu, cultural tourism, industry, services, leisure vacation, local habitat for an organic whole, to reflect the city integration for the purpose of production, drive the local industrial structure, service in the surrounding area tourism industry development, by integrating YuJiang county resources sculpture, carving talents of gathering, the introduction of international enterprises, extracting characteristic culture gene, establish YuJiang become international cultural academic exchange center, the international sculpture carving industry center, international sculpture collection culture industry center.


Yujiang sculpture culture experience shop

YuJiang carving culture experience shop is YuJiang brand output port, carving set way of life experience, cultural show, catering leisure and cultural activities for the integration of mashup experience consumption patterns, YuJiang carving culture experience store, will carry the YuJiang carving era of cultural charm and vitality, into the cities, in the form of depth of experience consumption into people's life.


Yujiang sculpture academy

Yujiang engraving college is the soul core of Yujiang engraving brand, carrying the functions of creative design and r&d, theoretical and technical research, and professional skills training of Yujiang engraving products. The college introduces international high-end teachers, infuses new ideas into local traditional crafts, develops new products that meet the needs of the times and leads the market demand.


DaJiang App

Dajiang App is the online operation port of Yujiang carving brand, carrying the important tasks of online marketing, brand promotion, private customization and resource integration. DaJiang truly allows Yujiang carving products to get rid of the limitation of physical space, simply and directly contact the market. Dajiang will be a strong backup market support for the development of Yujiang engraving brand, and an important complement to brick-and-mortar stores and brick-and-mortar parks.

Yujiang carved brand incubator

Yujiang carving brand incubator is the source of brand vitality and the source of entrepreneurial motivation. Its function is to incubate small brands in Yujiang carving ecology and provide them with investment and financing brand consulting, brand operation and management and marketing services.

Yujiang international sculpture festival

YuJiang international sculpture art festival is YuJiang carving the vitality of the engine, festival once every two years, will become the international level the carving art festival, there will be carving artists from all over the world, enterprises, institutions, sculpture art lovers to YuJiang, art communication here, BBS, and display, also can have rich entertainment interwoven, become a cultural feast, feast of the feast of art and thought.


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