Brand PositioningThe courtyard in the mountains is based on culture and is based on nature, bringing new life to the Yanqing village. The change project brand system includes product system, leisure system, Meisu system, cultivation system and platform system. The product system is divided into local products and Shanli Yard series products. The leisure system includes four season activities, parent-child paradise, fruit and vegetable planting and picking and other entertainment activities. The cultivation system consists of six parts: God, knowledge, meaning, body, sense and wisdom. It covers a variety of traditional Chinese culture courses, such as TCM health, Yijing, and Taoism. The platform system includes online APP, WeChat applet and offline shop. GOXUS designThe GOXUS desi...
The design of Yanghe Love Garden includes the Whitehall Hall and the shared vegetable garden. The design elements are composed of water, stone and soil. The large design of the shared garden includes planning, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, and guided navigation design. Funeral Hall aerial view Funeral Hall Entrance RenderingPlanting area Landscape Design Guided tour design
High quality urban public service complex“Party Group Home” aims at building 'diligent, practical and efficient' ecological community, happy community and intelligent community, and should give full play to the advantages of 'party building + intelligent big data', and 'speak with data, make decisions with data, manage with data, and innovate with data' to drive community governance from traditional governance ideas and models to scientific, refined and precise. Based on cloud data center, 'home of wisdom' community development ' Party Group Home ' APP, the 'wisdom the party system and government affairs service system, care group system, community endowment system, property management service system, community e-commerce system, s...
Culture is influenced by the environment, Connotation affects lifeGOXUS-School committed to the construction of regional internationalized education ecology, introduced top international education resources, improved local education level, carried out forward-looking layout and planning design on campus planning and construction, education system composition and other aspects, and created an international education environment suitable for Chinese children. Constantly explore the application and development of international education model in China, aiming to fundamentally change the traditional education model in China, improve children's comprehensive ability, and lay out the education ecology in line with the world.
Change the way of walking with the brand approachGOXUS believes that streets should continue the city's memory, reflect the city's character, inject brand system into streets, use creative design to integrate architecture and commerce, reasonably optimize municipal engineering, and establish barrier-free transportation facilities. In addition, it is more important to respect people's feelings, respect street aesthetics, and every street should be a unique memory. Streets are part of life, not just for traffic, but as communities. Most of the buildings in Italy are built directly into the street, and the floors beyond the building's silhouette are paved for street use, with people standing and talking or carrying stools and drinking coffee, the whole atmo...
China is entering a deep aging society, and the aging process of the population is ahead of the economic development process, so the issue of old-age care has followed, becoming a topic of concern for many families. YIYANG Center project positioning for 'healthy, enjoy the old' + 'that occupy the home, and community' characteristic mode operation, establish endowment, a comprehensive platform for the elderly health resources, intelligent facilities, effectively solve the elderly pension, employment for disabled persons, community women left-behind endowment chain problems to be resolved, such as building endowment inside the virtuous cycle of ecological community.Brand positioningThe project of the YIYANG Center is positioned on the comprehensive platform of 'combining ...
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