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Brand is the concentrated embodiment of regional image in the era of creative economy, representing the core competitiveness of the region, and the condensed and sublimated comprehensive functions such as regional ecological environment, cultural accumulation, economic strength and value orientation.Regional brand has irreplaceable economic and cultural connotation, and it is also an expression of city individuality.Taking brand building as the core strategy, GOXUS integrates global high-end think tank resources, from brand strategic planning, brand industrial ecological structure, brand operation service to brand sustainable development, to provide standardized and customized brand building solutions for brand integrated economy.

The grand design service flow

Brand strategy GOXUS design

GOXUS in cooperation with the world's top experts and scholars established GOXUS think-tank, combining with the characteristics of regional history humanities and the situation of industrial development, citizen quality, environment and resources, planning of regional brand development direction, through the depth of the professional team and the company internal and external cooperation, step-by-step implementation of established regional brand strategy planning.

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Industrial ecological structure GOXUS design

Industry is the driving force of economic development, and the driving force of brand economy is also industry. By scientific analysis of regional industrial resources and development potential, GOXUS matches reasonable industrial formats and establishes an industrial ecology with balanced development.


Operation and service GOXUS design

In the brand operation process, GOXUS is not only the operator of the operation plan but also the participant of the operation service, serving the regional government and regional enterprises in depth, achieving seamless links and efficient operation.


Brand sustainable development

Adhering to the design first principle of brand development, GOXUS guarantees the effect of brand building through DBFOT mode, escorts the healthy development of the brand, and guarantees the ecological sustainability of brand development through uninterrupted brand service in the brand development process.


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  • On the evening of April 30th, Freda ’s Garden was brightly lit, and the construction team, design team, and operation team were on site together, making careful preparations for the May 1 trial operation. At 8:17 a.m. on May 1st, Freda ’s Garden Rose Estate welcomed the first visitor.After seven days of unremitting efforts by the photosynthetic team, Rose Manor changed its past style and suddenly appeared in front of people with a new look.European afternoon tea restaurantDelicate afternoon tea dessertsFresh glass flower roomThe flower room where tourists competing to take photosThe scene is full of tourists Tourists who come to play to buy brand souvenirsSuper popular brand center and busy manor workerZhao Xingpeng, chairman of the GOXUS, personally coordinated the overall work at th...
  • On April 18, 2020, Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of GOXUS, presided over and held a special meeting on 'Yanghe rose town rectification and brand image design'. At the meeting, the current situation of Yanghe rose town was analyzed, and the brand design was carried out again according to the problems. At present, rose town lacks vitality, aesthetics and traditional operation. GOXUS needs to inject vitality, improve aesthetics, erect a brand spirit and build a unique rose themed manor. The first step of the brand design is to change the name of Yanghe rose town to 'Freda's garden', giving it a pure and independent female temperament. After the meeting, the GOXUS team immediately started the brand image design work of Freda's garden, deeply understood the brand att...
  • On April 3, 2020, Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of GOXUS, was invited to Yanghe to participate in the Yanghe GOXUS Project Report, and reported to Zhang Liandong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yanghe new area, Qin Chuan, director of the Management Committee of Yanghe new area and other government leaders on Yanghe GOXUS project. Participants of the meeting were Wang Lei, partner of GOXUS, Xiao Yunchuan, manager of GOXUS marketing department, Tian Ye, partner of GOXUS, Jack Chen, invited professor of GOXUS.Before convening the project report meeting, Zhao Xingpeng, Chairman of GOXUS, and General Manager of Ge, who was in charge of Yanghe Rose Town, accompanied by government officials to inspect Rose Town, and met in time after the visit to discuss the feasible planning plan. Th...
  • GOXUS TrendsOn the afternoon of December 5, 2019, the 2019 suqian (Shanghai) tourism investment promotion conference was held in Shanghai. Nearly 130 representatives of tourism enterprises and journalists from all over the country gathered to experience the rich tourism resources, superior investment environment and broad development prospects of suqian. Xinrui wang, vice President and chief brand officer of photosynthetic planet, attended the conference and witnessed the successful signing of the agreement between photosynthetic group and suqian municipal government. On the promotion meeting, suqian around the local characteristics of tourism, gorgeous natural scenery, unique folk customs, deep cultural connotation and rich investment projects to promote, showing the charm of suqian ...
  • GOXUS TrendsOn December 7, Dr. Xiaolin Wang, co-founder and chairman of SALEEN Automotive, and Xi Jinwen visited GOXUS Group. Chairman of the GOXUS Zhao Xingpeng, chief designer Li Jinhong, chief brand officer Wang Xinrui, and chief internal control operation officer Zhang Xiaojun accompanied the delegation of SALEEN to visit the overall office environment of the GOXUS, and discussed its development strategy, operating model, business scope and The business process was introduced in detail, and discussions were held with the delegation.SALEEN is a supercar brand in the United States. It was created by Steve Saleen, a master of the century, in 1983. The SALEEN brand focuses on the R & D, production and sales of supercars and high-performance vehicles. With the world's...
  • GOXUS TrendsFrom October 26 to 27, 2019, Zhao Xingpeng, chairman of GOXUS, was invited to Hancheng city, Shanxi province for a two-day field trip, accompanied by Xu Zhaobo, deputy director of the bureau of economic cooperation and development, and Pang Youxue, executive deputy director of the management committee of the scenic spot.This investigation mainly visited SiMa qian shrine, literature and history park, Hancheng of Shanxi province Xu village, Yellow River observatory, FaWangXingGong, party home village, Dayu temple, Yellow River, the ancient city of the temple and other places, mainly for Hancheng global planning, humanities, industrial, natural environment, policy, key areas such as research and exchange, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation agreement.Hancheng, Shanxi p...
  • On October 14, 2019, chairman of GOXUS Zhao Xingpeng and others should be Linqu county Jiahe ecological economic zone at the invitation of on-the-spot investigation, the investigation got Linqu city Jiahe Liu Hongke, secretary of the ecological economic zone work committee deputy secretary and development service center director JuGuangming, deputy director of the party working committee, development service center including Xu Yuanjiang warm reception.Linqu CountryLinqu county, also known as Pianyi, under the administration of Weifang city, is located in the middle of the Shandong peninsula, Weifang city southwest, the northern foot of the Yi mountain, the upper reaches of the Mi river. LinQu county has more than 2000 years since the western Han dynasty, known as 'Township of the play...
  • For Luannan project, the major design of GOXUS brand includes cultural exploration, brand positioning, brand ecosystem design, industrial structure improvement design, brand operation design and other contents. We will continue to report the progress of the project through the public account of GOXUS WeChat.Luannan cultural excavationAfter many field investigations and visits, GOXUS analyzed the development status of Luannan brand culture according to the guidance of the GOXUS design area culture research model, and summarized as follows:First.Ecology, intelligenceLuannan is a state-level garden county and the first batch of smart city pilot. In recent years, Luannan has taken 'Ecological livability and northern water city' as the urban development goals, and constantly practiced a...
  • Recently, at the invitation of relevant leaders of Luannan county government, GOXUS conducted a 3-day visit to Luannan county, mainly focusing on the research and exchange of regional planning, brand system construction, culture, industry, natural environment, policies, key enterprises and key projects of Luannan county.The following GOXUS will send a professional design team to conduct a whole-area field investigation of Luannan county and organize relevant professional teams to comb and analyze the regional situation and issue a whole-area top-level design plan.Luannan impressionBasic situationLuannan county, Tangshan city, Hebei province, belonging to the northeast, Hebei province, the Bohai sea in the south, backed by the Beijing and Tianjin, the county area of 1482.6 square kilometers...
  • Summer Davos BBSWorld Economy BBS 2019 new champions annual meeting (Summer Davos BBS) opens at Dalian international convention center on July 1, 2018.Dalian street-Davos elementThe theme of this year's BBS annual meeting of new champions in the world economy is 'leadership 4.0: the road to success in the new era of globalization'.Inspire leaders to explore new strategic models to address global environmental challenges, regional competition, economic disparities, and technological change.At the same time, more than 200 conferences including the opening plenary session, entrepreneur dialogue, BBS, closed-door meeting and closing meeting will be held around this theme. The series of research reports and statements will focus on new technologies, new concepts, new models and new ...
  • The introductionChina is entering a deep aging society, and the aging process of the population is ahead of the economic development process, so the issue of old-age care has followed, becoming a topic of concern for many families.The report to the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) pointed out that we should actively respond to the aging of the population, establish a policy system and social environment for providing for the elderly, respecting the elderly, and respecting the elderly, promote the integration of medical care and nursing, and accelerate the development of undertakings and industries for the aged.In this year's government work report, the word 'Elderly care' was mentioned more than a dozen times, stressing the need to 'actively resp...
  • Recently, the 2018 Peak fire cultural innovation conference opened in Guangzhou, GOXUS chairman Zhao xingpeng attended the conference and delivered a speech.Peak fire cultural innovation conference is one of the largest non-profit industry-university-research media exchange conferences in China's cultural industry.This conference takes 'cultural industry upgrading' as the theme, during which there are BBS theme and thematic exchange activities, focusing on academic foresight and theoretical improvement, and rich content thinking and practical operation case sharing.The conference invites industry, academia and officials from all walks of life on the new trend of cultural industry, cross-border integration of cultural industry, content creation and industrial operation, new medi...
  • 'Beautiful China' is a concept put forward at the 18th national congress of the communist party of China.For the first time, the conference set 'beautiful China' as the grand goal of future ecological civilization construction.The conference stressed that ecological progress should be given prominence and integrated into all aspects and the whole process of economic, political, cultural and social development.The construction of beautiful countryside is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization and the construction of 'Beautiful China'.Sange village beautiful village construction project is an ecological pastoral complex project jointly developed by Yanghe government and GOXUS and designed and operated by international think tank.Sange vi...
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